How to split people into even teams

This is a full guide how to split people into an even amount

First go into settings in game located in the bottom left
Screenshot 2024-05-15 14.06.24
Then you go to to map option (The first one)
Screenshot 2024-05-15 14.06.46
Then you click on team mode and do specific team amount and choose how many teams you want I did two then in team placement do split evenly
Screenshot 2024-05-15 14.09.57
That’s all you have to do :slight_smile:

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Great Guide! But, it’s kinda short. Maybe put the mini guide tag?

I think this is in forum-beginners
If not put it in forum-beginners

This needs to be under miniguides. Other than that, super helpful!

  1. oh, look like i need to pay attention to map options lol
  2. this is wayyyyyyyyyy too short to be a guide though

bump because uh… rip my guy :heart:

This is very short and not really useful to anyone except for people who are inexperienced in GKC

about that…
they’re suspended until 2025

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the reason for suspension is crazy O_O

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cill you cant assume all 4984 users (as of may 23, 10:13 pm) know that

that’s smth I learned

nah look at @M13TheCreator 's

fr. him and this guy have the wackiest of it from what I’ve seen so far…
edit: in terms of why they got banned not how long they got banned…

anyways, nice guide even tho u cant see this

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for those wondering what he said:

there was a user who was banned for 7 years for being underage

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