Help spawn immunity in a zone

I’m making a red vs. blue game and trying to make it so that when players on a different team enter another team’s spawn zone they slowly lose health until they die.

Have some lasers in the opponents area that only damage the other team.

You can use pseudo health

This is another time negative health granters would be nice.

You’ll have to place sentries or lasers all around their base that correspond with their teams.

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There are no negitive health granters, but you can use fake health

whats is pseudo health?

Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: green_square) check out this guide why is the font so big

What do you mean by fake health?

leahciM linked a guide

but what if I want to damage them bit by bit?

Use lasers. It’s simple.

People, do you not see that you can just use some lasers.

How do I make the lasers only damage one team?