Help on naming my map

Hi, so I need help on coming up with the name of my new map. It will be a platformer, battle royale type. It will come with secrets and gadgets and tons of loot. It will also be a two team battle map.
What should I name it? If anyone needs more details to help me name it wisely, I’ll be glad to share some pictures.


battle of the skies


Sky Royale:
Battling the skies!

Look Up & Around?
Sky Battle Wars?
Sky Battle Legends?
I don’t really know…

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Im thinking like Gim smash ultimate , hint nintendo’s game.


aerial combat

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All good names! I’ll make a poll once I get more choices.

That or like Island Hopper: Battle Royal.

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Sky Fighters?

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Lords of the skies?

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Reach For the Sky?


  • Battle Of the Skies
  • Sky Legends
  • Sky Royale
  • Aerial Warfare
  • Aerial GimWars
  • Champions of the Skies
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my best “King Of The Sky”

Floatopia is the idea it’s not very good but you might consider it I got the idea from fishtopia.

Gimkit Fighters

Shhhhh! Nintendo’s gonna sue us!

lol they cant its not the exact name

tell me if I’m wrong I dunno much abt trademark and copyright


No, they can. If it’s similar enough, they could do it. It probably would go unnoticed, but it’s mostly irrelevant. Nintendo isn’t patrolling the discovery page.



also dont be rude please

Some more names:
Sky Rocket Battle
Battle of the Night Sky