Help on my DMZ map

I’m creating a DMZ map that is like the one in call of duty Warzone and was wondering what interesting mechanics I could add to make it more interesting?

I already have the contract mechanic

What other mechanics are in the original map? Welcome to the community!

There is a mechanic called the gas that is similar to the storm in fortnite and there is also an exfil mechanic where they escape the DMZ and if they don’t make it to a exfil in time they lose all there inventory and die but I need help with the mechanics


Oh and thank you for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to the community @GimfishCollector! Sorry that I am late to say this, normally I say this within an hour of the user j0ining.

For the storm, use this.

Make a timer and make the starting value of the counter anything you like. Make the repeater decrement the counter instead of increment it. Set the counter’s target value to 0, and connect the counter to a respawn device. In the map options, click on the items tab and there’s an option to remove the items from a player’s inventory when they die.

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