Help Making Zombie Map

I don’t think you can do this @Warrior_Of_Death16

Sure with what but im not an expert

No but give me the main idea

Sorry @Warrior_Of_Death16, but this is off topic, please either ask a question about Gimkit creative or close the post. I know you are new, so here are the rules from the board:
Welcome to the Gimkit Creative Community Forum!

This space is for questions about building Maps in Gimkit Creative.

Be sure to search for your question before starting a new topic, it may have an answer already!

This forum is not for chatting, asking when new features will be available, product suggestions, or sharing links to your maps or live games. Topics and posts that aren’t about building with Gimkit Creative will be removed.

If you have suggestions for Creative or anything Gimkit, we want to hear them! Share your product suggestions here:

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To add to @Horses_Are_Awesome , on your first day you only have 10 posts.

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Isn’t that redundant?

Ooops… lemme change that.

@Warrior_Of_Death16, please mark a solution to close this post.

@Warrior_Of_Death16, this is off-topic.
Please mark a solution to close this topic!
Also in the future, don’t make posts like this or you’ll get flagged.

@Warrior_Of_Death16, please mark a solution to close this post.

Or a mod, can you close (and unlist?) this post?

How is this off topic? Warrior is asking how to make a zombie map in gimkit. That seems pretty on topic, despite the poor grammar and lack of context. Am I missing something?

also, i love the number of people who keep saying “this is off-topic” despite there being previous statements of it. 7 people said it lmao

I was wondering that. I’m guessing someone misread it as making a map in another game or a suggestion, then everyone else jumped in following. I reverted the post.

Jeff did tell us to not do that.

Anyway, here’s an actual answer to the author’s question.

If you would like people to j0in ur map and help please post it on wix: Game c0des are not allowed on this forum. But if you have questions post them here!

Hey man, what’s up, first day too! Lol

how is this off-topic???

The author edited it so it is now on topic.

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Even they edited it, I think they meant how to put people into teams

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@Warrior_Of_Death16 said help making a zombie map.

Help could mean joining a game, sure, but shouldn’t we give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that – just like basically everyone else – they just want help on HOW to make it? That’s literally the whole point of the forums. This entire post feels a little surreal lol

Well,i’m kinda working on the same thing! Make traps, like lasers! Also,for some zombies, give the zombies gadgets!