Help Making Poppy play time

i mean making gim skin

Just Use The Art Guide!

And you cannot make custom Gimkit skins!

ok ok lol :grinning:lol gimkit map .

It not funny wasting Our Time

I’m not an expert in poppy playtime, but that’s chapter 3, but if you need assistance with only that chapter, I suggest mentioning it in the title as a starting point for assistance.

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I barely play poppy playtime

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Though occasionally I see my older brother play it, I don’t play Poppy Playtime either. (Getting off-topic though)

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Now let get back on topic shall we?

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I agree, and I suppose the individual who requested assistance isn’t accessible right now. When they return, we may respond on this subject.

If you need help with Poppy Playtime:

It’s a WIP but, Room Designs should be done by next week…

there is a way to customize skins
not in game though
and not other people’s

you can’t customize other people’s skins. do you mean like a sentry? sentries are customizable.

That what i meant Foxy

This isn’t a very posssible thing yet but it could be with lots of help and hard work.

@ShinyRiolu It's not impossible

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yes, it is. it’s true people, always ay things aren’t but they are. If we’re being real and honest, lots of things are impossible

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It’s possible, just hard. Big difference

What i said

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But then you said impossible.

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