Help Making Poppy play time


I need help on poppy play time

what is the point of this help topic? and this might not be allowed for gimkit


@CakeWalk I know he posted a second before u I’m just statin

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pleas help me with my game

What part of poppy playtime do you need help with?

making a map in gimkit

well why didn’t you say that before? without context it just looks like another off-topic post

i need to make charts

what does that even mean???

to make gime skin pleas

I legitimately don’t know what you’re talking about
there are art guides elsewhere

Just Use Art Guides it ain’t that hard

gimskines please help me with map

gim skins are hard to make but like @roberta said just look for art guides

PLEASE explain what a gimskine is

He probably means gim skin

okay but what is a chart though?

it might mean like some sort of device i dont know man