Help for battle game. (Thumbnail also needed)

I have a battle game where you fight an UnderTale like boss. (Explained here: Full guide on Undertale bosses and extras!) And I need lore. (Sad lore please, and lore for the plant boss, I’m planning on making it so if you have the lore, you can get the plant to spare you.)

Other questions:

  1. How many lifes should you have? Lasers do 100-50 damage, three attacks per turn, you have 200 health, and you need to do 10 turns to win. (5,000 health, 500 damage a turn to win.)

  2. How should you earn money?

i dunno much abt undertale, but i can try

gimme a sec

edit: it’ll take more than a few mins. good lore takes time, and I dont have it

How should you get the plant to actually spare you instead of knocking you out? Show it a sad picure, something else?

Maybe find a plant in the arena and say you’ll plant a meadow of it.

Then what happens?

hey @gimmaster12345 i didnt have any ideas at the moment but i can make you a thumbnail!

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Okay, the game is finished. (Exept for a few bugs.)

Request: A side view of a gim looking at a fight, heal, and shop buttons with a question mark over it’s head, and a pink plant sentry looking annoyed next to the gim. (I will draw a sketch later)


perfect ill get to work

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Wait, so a lore… how long should it be? A chapter? A entire book?

A chapter, something you can find in a book. I also want sad lore for the plant, and tell me how you would find the plant’s lore.

Hmmmm a sad lore… I like to right violent, war lores but I guess this will work. I’m getting to work now

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Okie short lore:
It was on the day his parents had disappeared. Just disappeared out of thin air. Gralus, 13 at that time, was no more experienced than any other 13 year plant. But his parents: the dictators of the plants, had no other related people other than Gralus, which meant that he took the throne. You see, Gralus was lost in terrible sadness after the supposidly the “death” of his parents. Gralus had wanted to take his father’s role one day, but not like this.
Many years later….
It had been many years since the disappearance of his parents. Over the years, Gralus had lead the plant forces into taking over many planets: driven by madness due to the disappearance of his parents. Now, Graulus stood in front of the plants’ global map. They only had one planet left: Earth. As Gralus’ eyes glowed red, he said, “Soon Earth shall be mine.”

That’s really good! I’m going to wait for the thumbnail before I mark a solution incase it takes more than 3 hours for the thumbnail.

Ty : D

hey @gimmaster12345 can you give me more details about what you want for the thumbnail

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I’ll make a sketch of it on paper.

I make a sketch on paper, but I don’t know how to upload it.

you could put in in canva then download it

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I screenshoted it in google photos and moved on.

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i know i said i could do it but i dont think i can make it anymore im soo sorry

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