Help: Delete Map suggestion

I have a map with a in game chat system that I am truly sure I have down in my head to remake
and All sorts of mechanics I had posted on this forum but had no use to me, and ETC
would it be a good idea to delete it Because I am unsure so I need help by more than just my self.

  • Yes
  • no
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I can’t pick, the choice is hard! Is it from this - Block Issue: Need some advice - #5 by FusionLord

how do you feel about it?

Do you like the map?

He’s talking about his in-game chat. Don’t delete it yet @Gimkitsuggestor

Check with this guide - In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧).
It uses the activity feed to send messages which is what I believe you’re trying to do.

Why check it?

My chat works and everything Even got How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP) this guy to help me fix it up when I first made it
I just want to know as a suggestion should my test map be deleted for better stuff?

and to re add chat into new map

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No it is not from that

Ohh, I thought you meant you were gonna delete your chat system. My bad!

delete map= Bye bye chat system

Yeh The map is crammed with stuff I want a clean map

Then maybe. Do what you thinks right @Gimkitsuggestor ! (I did that before)

Yeah, good decision.

yep very excited to redo this and maybe re order them


Now I see why you said you wanted to delete it.

oh oh I got more around my map of all sorts of wires and devices

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