Block Issue: Need some advice

I am trying to change in game chatting system to a non notification chat system with live feed but I put this in to make it work

Screenshot 2024-01-21 1.16.31 PM

and it does this
Screenshot 2024-01-21 1.16.49 PM
I do not want the first message I want the second one Because You said it once I do not want it set twice and one to be adding to my name

It works fine for the others though and they got notifications attached

Wait, how does the second one show up? I don’t see the code that makes that happen.

I am doing this to make it so everyone sees feedback

And @FusionLord I Really do not know why

Show me your other devices you used. Then I could possibly figure out what went wrong.

figured out why I must have accidently duplicated 2 blocks into 1

Okay, I’m glad you figured it out.:+1:

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