Help and ideas needed for Minecraft: Gimkit Version

i need ideas for my next game, the minecraft version of gimkit. I need your ideas and help. How to make a crafting system? A spectating system? I need tons of help.

(i didnt read any of those so :p)

i just threw up

elaborate on spectating system? I can help with mobs, but generating blocks and making the map 3d is nigh-impossible, i guess just a button with a teleporter that says enter cave, but mining is going to be hard

I thought there was already gimkit minecraft

I mean, you could look at my devlog, @shawnyboy.

There’s not much of a guide to it, but it might help you.

for mining you can just get a zapper/any weapon of your choice, and then put rock props and allow the rocks to take damage, and then when the rocks are destroyed, it drops something.

Prop destroyed
item granted

you can use green plants as zombies too.

You can, but you can’t respawn props, you can respawn sentries.