Hello i want to make a fnaf ar team with 3 teams team 1 team 2 and animotronics plz help me

hello i want to make a fnaf ar team with 3 teams team 1 team 2 and animotronics plz help me

want yall to know after fnaf ar it will be fnaf ar but with bendy baldi and other horror games in it

Can you give me editing perms?

Sure, that would be helpful. After that, can you please specify what the most confusing part is?

Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t play Creative on VR (Augmented Reality) or can you?

i meant ar as in argumented reality

Yeah, you can’t play gimkit in AR, but we might be able to replicate some mechanics. Can you describe the game to me?

is will be like fnaf 1 mixed with fnaf ar it will not be an ar game it will just have contral shock and workshop want the code?

Basically, you’re a nightguard at a pizzeria.
You are trying to avoid getting killed by the animatronics.
You can do this by:

  • Checking The Cameras to view their location

  • Opening the doorlight to see if they are right outside your office

  • Closing the doors to stop them from going in

This costs power though.
You only have a specific amount of power every night and if you lose all your power, you die.
(Can be done with counter - properties that get decremented when the game detects you are doing something that costs power)

How the animatronics move.

Every night at specific times, the animatronic levels go up by #.

Every # of seconds, they have a chance to move.
They can generate a random number and if that number is less than or equal to their AI level, they can move.

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it will be free roam

your house in it the futime sercive animotronics attack try to deafeat players to get points it will have fnaf 1 mechanics in it though

What is the most challenging mechanic you don’t know how to do?

the animotronics moving i was thinking maybe some players can play some animotronics

That seems like a good idea! How do you want the starting level ?

with an endo attacking would you like the code to help out

No thanks. What kind of things do you know how to do so far? This is to get an understanding of your skill level.

i kinda kow how to make an energy basedsystem the doors and spawn points

Use a Spawn Pad for the spawn points.

@bendyandink, are you trying to steal my likeness for your pfp?

maybe, but it could be another gimvers’s bendy