Hello every body

I asked for help on making a mystery weapon box that is randomized. i will be posting update information here. if you have any suggestions for my map, just tell me

I’m sorry, but if I’m not mistaken, you can’t use the forum as an update log? (you can get help with the randomizer stuff, though)


please tell me this is what you wanted


I am pretty sure this is not allowed?

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Make a button and make it keep on granting different items…

ay lil bro im pretty sure alts aren’t allowed either /nm

ok im sorry for being off topic

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Because it is an update log?

I know, but the mods are fine, I am pretty sure? They know I have an alt

Now back on topic

This is not allowed, but not forbidden. I wouldn’t make a update log on here because the rules say no offtopic posting, in which this is sort of off-topic. But if its a update log on a Gimkit Creative help post discovering things or making things, then it may be allowed. The rules don’t specify on that.


Alts are not allowed, especially when your main is banned. That is ban evading, which is bad.

‘False’ implies that I know what I am saying is wrong. If the mods know, then why don’t they unban his main and ban his alt?

I served my time. I had to deal with being banned, and I didn’t create an alt even though I didn’t agree with the mods’ decision.

Also, even if I am wrong, I didn’t willingly post something wrong, which is lying.


He has his reasons. His other account won’t work and he has talked to the mods and has been allowed to keep the alt. And his account is banned for a weird reason, one that he messed with and it happend, he did nothing wrong. So please don’t post something false unless you know for sure that is not ok.


Becasue they can’t, and like how you were banned but unbanned, and couldn’t access this site, that is like him, so you should know that better than enyone. And in which

you are wrong.

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Ah, I see. I do recommend removing the “Alt” part of the name to prevent future confrontation?

Though I do understand if they don’t, as they might not get recognized.


Yeah, sadly only a mod can change the account name so that would have to be requested. And I do agree that "Alt"should be removed.

ok guys lets get back on topic now


@vqnillaxx that acutally works for the randomizer box?

Got it. i will make sure no to do that. after all this is only my 5th day on this website

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Didn’t work when I did it so i found out how to make a non-code randomizer

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Scratch this just enter my google chat if you want to know about updates.
(don’t really know if doing this is allowed, I’m just trying to make friends. so far in total I’ve got 3.)