Health leeching

Does anyone know how to make a device leech health

Lasers? There’s no negative health granter…

So how could i make that into a players attack?

Game overlay—> activates lasers across the map?

i could try that, Thank you!

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what about like psuedo-health?

so i never could figure out how to do that, could you explain it?


No, @cheesebox he mentioned something abt pseudo health and i didnt know how to do that

Try this: Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: 🟩)

thank you!

Is there a way to display the health amount?

probably with a game overlay that displays the property of health

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i didnt see an option for displaying a property

use a game overlay device and go into the blocks menu

then do
Set Content → “property”

Use @I-am-helpful’s pseudo property guide.

What’s Leeching?

slowly decreasing the health over time, like a leech sucking blood

Um, it means to slowly drain away a source from a person. GRAPHIC WARNING: Leeches were used to drain blood in medieval ages.