Health Bar Lowered


I’m having trouble getting my health bar in the correct place. I tried an overlay there, but moved it. I see that someone else had the problem, and the recommendation was to X out, and retry, but that hasn’t worked for me.

Maybe I have another overlay somewhere. Is it possible to search all of my devices, to see if an overlay is hiding somewhere in the map?

Where do you want it to be? Maybe the Recharge Zapper is in the way?

The health bar should be higher up (in the top left).

Pretty sure this is a glitch. Reloading should fix the issue.

you can change it in map settings i believe.

Probably just a bug. You can contact gimkit at (email)

Only the positioning, but not a specific coord. This won’t fix the overlay having been there. I guess they found a new bug.

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I tried reloading.

I tried an overlay that was hidden on game start, and didn’t like how it looked (by pushing the health bar down, even before it showed up), so I got rid of it.

I guess I’ll try reporting it, but ideally I’d like to see if there’s a way to find devices that are lost in the map.

Did reloading fix it?

Reloading did not fix it.

Is the overlay just hidden, or did you delete it completely?

I had deleted it, but sometimes Gimkit glitches and duplicates things way off in the map, so I thought there’s a small chance of that happening here.

No, it’s just like that, pretty sure.

Just checked the JS code through the console. That’s the default position apparently when there’s an overlay. If you try to do more than 1 overlay in the top left, they don’t both work… You could use inspect edit to move it though if you really wanted to.

I’d check with the gimhook discord.
A simple guide for Gimhook - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
Ask Blackhole927 for the link to the discord.


I have an overlay on the top right. I didn’t realize one there affects the health bar, even though it’s on the other side of the screen.

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