Global Scope vs All Player Scope

Global Scope, for this topic, is defined as 1 single broadcast that happens for everyone. All Player scope is defined as 1 broadcast (same channel) that happens for everyone. Currently, we have no way to distinguish between these, and have not proved if both really exist. Global scope should, in theory originate from a global property and only broadcast once.

When using a global property that triggers a notification that sends to all players, this only sends one notification. So global scope obviously exists. What about all player scope? This obviously exists. It’s what all player counters use.

So how can we use this fine distinction?


I had no idea there was a research tag.
You can use player scope if you want something to only be activated or occurring for the triggering player, while global scope affects everyone.

Hypothetically, in my words, player scope is probably the recommended or less considered scope to use, and I would refer to it as individual scope, as it is applied only to an individual. For global, it should be referred to as global anyway.

All-player scope? That should exist, but wouldn’t that be global? That means all teams, everyone…
All-player scope would be obviously helpful because it could go to everybody, and not just once.


What is the distinction? It’s the same thing but reworded??

I thought that player scope only went to player and global went to everyone. Am I wrong?

Main difference I’ve noticed is that player scope is typically activated by a players actions, while global scope is usually something activated independently.


It’s the amount of channels that broadcast. In all player, a different one is for each player, but each player has the channel broadcast.


I’m defining 2 categories of what we previously categorized as global scope.

@WhereIsMyHat I’m talking about actions that run for everyone, but these 2 types differ in the amount of channel broadcasts. So instead of one signal, it’s more than one in all player.

All player would originate from a relay, and global originates from a global property.


Ok, so i think global (MIGHT) be avalible for sentrys, or other devices, but all player scope is ONLY for PLAYERS

Can you specify that? And I just proved that global scope applies for players with the notification experiment.


Yeah so what I am saying, is that Global works for player AND other devices, while al player only works on player. Also, where do you find the ALL PLAYER option in GKC

It’s not an option. I don’t know what type the global scope in the menu is though.


Ok, I reread this and I am more confused, so what are you asking

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This is an interesting thing to think about, let me do some thinking.


I always feel like you @getrithekd and @Blackhole927 are always creating these posts keep the good work up :slight_smile:


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I don’t think so…you mean this topic or your post?
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However, there are topics asking about differentiating between the two in using them in their maps…

This would be a representation of all player scope:

This is a representation of global scope


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So… global scope only broadcasts once, while all players scope broadcasts to every player once?


When I first read this title I thought of the PVP scope :expressionless:


This is really interesting. Maybe it could be used for a player counter?
(Apologies if that already exists using this.)