GK8 Unlocks, Speeds Part 2, & Credits

A few questions. Should I lock the RNG heavy karts behind a achievement, like beating the game in under a minute? I’m about to finish the item boxes and move on to the speed changing, so what ranges of speed should I use? Finally, if you helped AT ALL with GK8, please say “aye” or “here” and what you helped with so I can properly credit you. Thanks for any help! (For context, this is about the Mario Kart map I’m making. A former Gimvenger can give you the link.)


yes but I wish I could help but its done :frowning_face:

50-150 for the speed

What scale are you using?

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I think you should lock the carts, as you want people to have something to look forward to. I think that you should add speeds between .75 and 1.25. Do I now count as a helper?

Do I count? Aye? Here?

Also, I never even learned how to play the game. I think you should lock the heavy karts behind a light achievement.


The default speed I’m using right now is 3, but I want to use 0-1 for off-road, 2-3 for normal speed, and 4 for the star and mushrooms.

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I’m adding in a “How to Play”. Yes mysz, you count. :blush: (The only Kart I was going to block off was yours, it’s broken.) Also, are you going to write your bio?

ClicClac Only


A mathematical constant, one of the most famous of all time.

Also a racer! Whaat?

Yep! Pi enjoys racing with his friends, like e and green fish every day! He meets up with them, and goes wild on the track! Even though he’s not that good at racing, he’s still passionate about it and enjoys it! He also likes tinkering with random percentages, and attracts some pretty good fortune! Watch out for pi!

Alright, thanks!


In under a minute? Seems pretty easy…
Unless you updated the track from BETA 1.2 (I think this was the last version I played), then it is not that hard to do. Although, locking the carts is a splendid idea! For the speed, I like your scale so far (although I don’t know what the star or the mushroom is), and it seems good, trusting that you know what you are doing. Good luck!

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Does making and developing PCPs count? If so, then aye.

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In Mario Kart, Stars actually go slower than mushrooms.
Here is my idea of speeds:
0-1 | offroad
2-3 | normal speed
3-4 | star
4-5 | mushrooms

(Does a 5 speed exist)

5 speed doesn’t exist, but thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe try:

0-0.5 | offroad
1-2 | normal speed
2-3 | star
3-4 | mushroom

Here, try this instead:
0.2-0.8 | offroad
2.2-2.8 | road
2.9-3.5 | star
3.4-4.0 | mushroom

If miniturbos are planned:

2.7-3.3 | miniturbo


Thanks @twofoursixeight! I’ll probably use this!


Maybe have like a speed factor and multiply by that number to get the real speed?

So by twofoursixeight’s system, this is it:

And multiply that by the kart’s speed factor.

Suggestion #2 : Speed

The lowest speed stat VS a medium speed VS high for example:

Off-Road 0.2|0.5|0.8
Road 2.2|2.5|2.8
Star 2.9|3.2|3.5
Mushroom 3.4|3.7|4.0

Suggestion #2 Alt: Coins

Add coins to the game, that increase your speed. 10 coins are the maximum.

0 Coins VS 5 coins VS 10 coins,
Off-Road 0.2|0.5|0.8
Road 2.2|2.5|2.8
Star 2.9|3.2|3.5
Mushroom 3.4|3.7|4.0

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So coins increase the speed factor?

Coins increase the speed factor like in Mario Kart 7 and 8

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