Gimme ur ideas for a battle royale lobby

I need help to make a lobby on my battle royale map

Add lots of props and text.

I’m going to remove the battle Royale tag because it’s not for help posts.

Make “classes” that have certain advantages and disadvantages.

A sentry battlefield.

Essentially just a boxed-in area where players can watch sentries fight each other, like a coliseum.
Sign-able board.

A little ‘practice area’

Set aside a room where gadgets are allowed (Make the rest of the lobby a no-gadgets zone),
and place a granter and button to give players weapons to fight with inside of it.

Add Supply boxes so you can get weapons and Healing Items

How to do dat @cs3112583?

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Probably with buttons or zones that would grant health, items, and weapons accordingly. You could probably use speed modifiers and damage boosts as well. You could also do what @The_7th_Dragon recommended. You should teleport them into the battlefield after they choose so they don’t pick multiple classes though.

EX: When button pressed > Grant item (with wires) and etc.
You could also use this guide:


Make a mini war with sentry’s and armor stand props

You could have a map like in Fortnite but add sentries for players and some will attack better than others and have props for cover.

you can use my lobby for inspiration.

credit to I_like_props for the idea

How do we find your lobby?

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where is your lobby please

@AydenWagoner1 , are you new to Gimkit Forums? if so, welcome! I hope you have a great time here.


oops sorry here is a screenshot

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you can also use teleporters to make your lobby feel more interesting.

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