Gimkit Update Theories

Got any theories about upcoming / hinted / possible updates? Here’s the place to talk about them. Stay on topic. Make sure this doesn’t turn into a chat so it doesn’t get flagged.

(This is continuing discussions from the Mining Game mode Discussion)

Should the Devs post hint images of the game in beta testing mode
  • TINFOIL HAT TIME :tophat:
  • Yes :smiley:
  • Idc
  • No :frowning:
  • No we should be the ones doing leaks
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I think at some point Gimkit’s gonna add a restaurant gamemode. Proof:
The gumball machines are the only props under “restaurant.”


The “plants/alien” file is one way out right? And where are you finding this, the page source or what?

If you go into inspect and the sources page

Here’s a better image:

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My computer settings have that disabled… ill see what I can look at. Probably still in early stages of development since only 2 prop files are there.

For JoeTheChicken's eyes only.

@JoeTheChicken, just so you know, you were the first person I saw on the forums, and you inspired me. Just wanted to share.


Sources only show loaded images. I did load all images when I was doing the all images thing. If there are other images we have to look for them more.


i dont think gimkit will be getting a restaurant gamemode anytime in the near future, as there are only two props in the restaurant folder. also worth noting that the medieval/blacksmith props never got a specific gamemode, the only gamemode that featured these props was dld, which i guess is kind of a culmination of all the other gamemodes-ish

Battle Royale gamemode? Melee?

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a battle royale gamemode would be cool

1 Like you should be able to search for the images in google. I added a link here that goes to the red gumball machine. If you change the name of the image you might find stuff.

make sure to change the imkit to gimkit

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Easily makable vehicles in gimkit? @Shdwy has one, but I’d love to see cars that are easy to make.
Also hopefully it comes with subassemblies.

how about doge ball :tennis: :tennis: :tennis: :tennis: :tennis:

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maybe they will have something to do with the mining game they announced (material refinery where you sell mined materials?)

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For @hognosesnakes

do you want me to make u a custom PFP?

i’m okay, but thank you for the offer!

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This appears to be gimkit sorting assets that are themed differently into folders lol, I don’t think it’s proof of a restaurant gamemode.

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It is possible however.

So why did they call it restaurant? They could’ve called it candy, food, etc

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