Gimkit Creative Escape Room

I am thinking about creating an Escape Room Gimkit using Gimkit Creative based on Julius Caesar for my students’ Final Exam (time permitting). I was thinking maybe I could combo this game with Quizziz and Google Forms which will be the log for the kids to use. I am looking for ideas.

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we don’t control Google or quizziz

They want ideas… they did say

So… I would give them the ideas and be helpful… but true question… Mr.Dinerstein, what ideas are you needing? Like… what are the ideas for? Like… huh?

maybe you could have a sheet that interacts with the gimkit like the questions in certain areas correlate to the worksheet

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Here. You definitely need this then.

Check it out.


@Mr.Dinerstein, I recommend that you make a Platformer escape room game. You could include the following things:

  • Stone column & scroll props to make it seem more midieval.
  • A questioner wired to some kind of clue or that unlocks some new areas.
  • A lot of greek lore. Maybe references with Greek myths.

If you want any more help with it, feel free to ping me @Gimkit101. I have a lot of practice with escape room games.

Unless you have the season ticket or whatever that thing is… you can make one [1]

  1. I can’t wait until everyone is allowed to do it!!! :smiley: ↩︎

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But a regular top-down escape room could be nice too
escape-room ( For ideas )

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Maybe marble sign in the front of buildings to show where it is?
For the designs

Hey I’m also making an escape room and I had an idea. You should probably add a spell room where you can boost your damage speed and health.

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@Mr.Dinerstein, you can refer here for ideas: