The Ultimate guide to Making an Escape Room

There have been tons of ideas guides, and many of them mention “Escape Rooms” or “Escape”. I’m here to solve everyone’s problems!(Well not everyone, I’m not that good.)

Okay, so, what is the summary of an Escape Room?
An Escape Room is where you have to “Escape”(Obviously) from a Room. The Room will have clues and other stuff for the Player to find, which they can use to escape.

Now, what are some important aspects to add?

  • Something in a bookshelf(Optional, but usually there is)
  • Secret Rooms(For secret info…)
  • Secret NPCs(For more secret info…)
  • New weapons or abilities once you can earn for doing certain things for example a side quest(For more powers…) - This 4th idea was made by @Theaxolotl

Escape Room related Guides:

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Nice guide!

Having different rooms with different themes based on each weapon. Also great guide!

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Nice guide!

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Nice guide @blizzy!

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