Geometry Dash Help

I ASSUME yall know what Geometry Dash is. If not, then you’ve lived in a hole. Any ideas, for all you 99% of people that know what this is?

Never assume people know anything about a game. Always remember to describe the game and how it works. What are you asking for ideas about? Are you trying to make the game?


Also, for ANYBODY WHO LIVES IN A HOLE, " Geometry Dash is *a series of music platforming video games developed by Swedish developer Robert “RobTop” Topala"

Yes, the game. Mainly the jumping and obstacles, plus the little flappy bird parts

Ok, I’m addicted to this game, lemme explain some stuff:

There isn’t a good way to make high resolution spike and player assets, sadly. You’re probably just going to have to use a green square for the cube and maybe a red square for spikes. Before I continue, this is going to require a text display, along with a truckload of block code. Are you comfortable enough with block code to continue?

The level of block code used would be similar to the block code in this guide (The Graphing Calculator Guide | Difficulty: 🟪)

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I mean, I’ve done an eight-person Among Us voting system (which required two full triggers with 75/75 blocks, so I guess? ANYTHING FOR THE SECOND BEST GAME OF ALL TIME

So what you would have to do is add a whole lot of wall terrain so people can’t go out of bounds. Also, you can use teleporters at the end of the level, which moves the player to the lobby with all the levels.

You might want to check out this guide:

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Maybe you could pair this guide with props in different locations being hidden and un-hidden?

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Dang, it would be easier to do it in Scratch…NOPE, GIMKIT. Doing it in Gimkit…

I was gonna actually write out what you need to do, but if you want the game to be anywhere similar to the actual game (in version 1.0) you would need to make a physics engine, display, etc, and i don’t have time to explain all that.

Yeah, that sounds like it would be an amazing GINORMOUS guide, though!

You can add an input system using zones and teleporters. Maybe it would be possible to create the Geometry Dash system within blocks using a 2d array possibly?!?

Sadly I don’t have time to make it. My advice (if you want the game to look kind of like the original) is to make a display and make some APIs to draw pixels and lines on it (see Bresenham's line algorithm - Wikipedia). As for physics, I’m bad with that and can’t really help there.

2D array = a lot of properties, and there are only 128, most of which will be needed for the display and physics engine. Maybe store the level by encoding different blocks as numbers like 0-4 and storing segments of the level as a base 4 number.

Awww…Also, I know this is very off-topic, but what is your favorite Geometry Dash level? Mine is Back On Track

You can split a property into segments (you can find this in text operations) and you can use pseudo properties stored in variables

Try to stay on topic please.

My favorite levels are:

  • HEMI
  • Dream Flower
  • Celestial Inertia

What does pseudo properties mean?

Yeah I know I wrote a good chunk of the math behind text operations. My thought process for this is:
There are four blocks, so they can be encoded as numbers 0-3. A row of a level might look like 10321021020310231 or something. You can store this as base 10 to compress it, and when rendering the level you can decompress it and go through each digit to find what block to display. I think there is also some math getrithekd wrote in the bitwise operations post that can be used to get each digit without decompressing the whole number.

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So basically, with the current version of GKC, it’s almost impossible to make GD (Even more difficult than Bloodbath!)