Game over when 1/2 of the players complete quest

I have a Quest type game where the players go through a series of challenges.

I now have the game end when 10 players complete all the quests.
I now have a counter counting the number of players finishing the last quest. And make that targe number 10.
Trouble is, I sometimes have just 15 or so competing and sometimes have over 20.

Is there a way to count the number of players and divide that number in half.

Then the session is over when at least HALF (or actually any percentage) of the players are finished all the quests.

You could try to make a live player counter and wire it to a end game, I don’t really have time to figure it all out right now.

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Adding on to @Crimson_Knight kind of want to say this is impossible but I don’t want to get
It's not impossible on

Live player counter
That updates property

set { get property 'outcome'
To { get property 'live count / 2

/ is a divide symbol.

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What about Among us voting?

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