Game Idea: Total Drama Island. but, I don't know how to make it into gimkit!

I think it’s a great idea, but I don’t know how to incorporate it into Gimkit.
What do you think, any suggestions?
anyone wanna be a part of it?
Does anyone have any ideas for the coding and systems?

dont ask me. I dont know anything about it

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What is Total Drama Island? If you explain, I may be able to help you since I’m good with making systems.

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Its a reality animated show, you can search it up

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what if the player was one of the teenagers on the island? then you could weave a story out of that.

Ping me once u come up with the goal of the game and I can help you make the systems and devices.

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well, everyone in the game will be a participant, and maybe one random person will be chosen to be the host?

i like that. so what are the challenges in the show?

Still coming up with it. But will be adding dock of shame and boat of losers, definitely

could you describe those for me…?

Screenshot 2024-02-09 6.19.29 AM

ahhh… ok. this does seem like a cool idea for gimkit… i could probably help you with this.

so do you need help making up challenges?

Yeah, right now I’m gathering ideas, and brainstorming for good aspects of the map.

So the setting is an island biome?

yea, campsite, island theme.

what about a jeopardy challenge? answering questions? you could have it to where players have to answer a set amount of questions in a allotted time, (like maybe 15 questions)

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You could add tons of trees, maybe make palm trees, and add tiny tent props. You could also use this guide to make a fireplace.


good guide! i havent seen it… props to chrysotom