Game/Art/Anything Ideas

Fine, I will make a map dedicated to you. :laughing:

Let’s try and stay on-topic please, I understand VERY WELL that it’s tempting to get off-topic but please stay on-topic.

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If you want to do in game chat, you can research about in game chat.
By the way, I will be doing in-game chat, thanks to my votes :slight_smile:
Anyway, I recommend you look at these:


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Maybe you could make a maze? (very flexible, single or multiplayer, and you can easily change the theme.)

Maybe a Percy Jackson map?

I tried making a maze once but found it way too time consuming (don’ know why, it seems so simple lol)

I know it’s a little off-topic from what this post originated from but would it be possible to have a currency and buy skins? Sounds like it would be impossible currently but it won’t hurt me asking. I’m now thinking of making a Fortnite map, but won’t do it if I can’t add that because that what will make it unique from others.

you can have currency. But you cant buy skins

Would it be possible to turn the player into a sentry that moves?

what do you mean the player turns into a sentry!?
Why would the player need to transform into sentry?

Well a sentry can look like the different skins in the locker, so I was thinking if I could give the player the properties of a sentry it would be possible.

So you want to change the player’s costume in the game?

Pretty much, I would use the currency and call it V-Bucks.

I was joking, but ok! Please still do it!

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For changing character skin in game, you would have to suggest that in the website for suggesting that (Sorry I don’t remember what it’s called as It’s blocked for me)

What are the chances of them actually seeing my suggestion? I’ll try but kinda need the website address.

I don’t know if this is possible, but if you can find it, it would be perfect.

you should check this out.

Josh closed the topic because it’s not possible, it has to be possible though. They will add it obviously if it’s in Snowy Survival.

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Try doing a game like mario rabbids? use barriers to make mario and have the sentry “moving” by a teleporter

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Super smash bros?

Use coordinates to do it maybe…

But maybe a 2d Mario game when down look down comes out! I mean, the new season starts this Wednesday, and I’m sure Josh would come out with it soon. (DLD)

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