Game/Art/Anything Ideas

That’s a pretty good idea! So would I use the barriers to make art or what? Could you elaborate better?

This feels pretty dumb to ask, but what’re coordinates?

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well suggestions liked to about 40-150 have high chance as I saw on another suggesting link that I lost the link where it was the suggesting website but unblocked.
So spread to as many people as possible and get it liked…or like it, make new account, like it, make new account on repeat…or ask wolftech if he knows if this is already planned…he usually knows this stuff.

Basically just a coordinate system. You could look it up. But I don’t think you can do it, now that I think about it. :frowning:

Mario party?

yea art, have a barrier resembling his clothing, hat, and have him keep a gadget because in that game you use gadgets -_- does that help? I could try and give you a screen shot

@WolfTechnology, do you know if Gimkit is planning to add in-game the change of skins?

like super mario? if so I would say No to that…that’s what everyone’s going to do which is why you want to blow people away with a similar-type game that’s fun and so much not thought of to do so everyone’s impressed and its unique.

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I get it, it’ll be hard to make the Mario small but it doesn’t hurt to try.

ok and @Legobuilder is right as well, you could make things different from the actual game to make it unique

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Like Captain Bombo!


I don’t know really anything about Mario+Rabbids, so idk if it’ll work out.

oh, k you can always search it up and see how the game works

Captain Bombo is an idea for a Bob-omb pirate captain. He throws bombs and bob-ombs, but also uses a cutlass

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The Mario won’t work, I can’t get everything to fit in such a small body, plus my hands are super shaky so I won’t be able to get the mustache or eyes or things like it on.

I don’t believe so, plus that would be way to laggy and confusing.

Aw man! I had emailed Gimkit about it, and got this weird response saying that I should talk about this stuff in the forums! Well you never know, it might happen in the future. (also Gimkit is about to get banned again at my school, it’s kinda my fault though…I’M SO SAD WHAT’S MY LIFE WITHOUT GIMKIT!!!) Also bump cause I need more responses to what this post was actually about.

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It would be kinda cool to make like a Splatoon game.

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Same map ideas and everything? Still I would want to implement the inkling part of it, so it might not work.

Just say in like an opening game pop up.

And make all the stores, the shopkeepers with prop art.