Foxy's guide to npc's [wip]

This is a guide for the art and code of npc’s. Before you go sentries exist! they use a ton of memory and need to be modified so they don’t have a weapon and don’t try to murder
KO you.

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  1. Place a sentry
    what? Were you expecting something else? fine
  2. change it to the player’s team or place a barrier over it so it doesn’t attack you

Basic gim(front)

take out 3 circle barriers
2 retangular barriers
and 1 text
(optional!)1 circle barrier with an alpha of 40%

first place down the retangular legs on a 16 grid snap
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.27.13 PM
add a circle centered on each leg still on a 16 grid snap
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.29.25 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.29.33 PM
add the last circle in the middle and make it larger than the other 2 to round it out
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.29.52 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.30.02 PM
add 2 oval symbols⬬ in 1 text tilted 45 degrees for the eyes
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.30.14 PM
if you want add another circle with an alpha of 40% for a shadow
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.30.36 PM


take out 7 circle barriers
4 retangular barriers
2 text -you can also use U for the eyes
(optional!)1 circle barrier with an alpha of 40%

add 4 blue circle barriers(tint used here is: 59, 182, 191)
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.32.13 PM
add another circle barrier larger than the rest to round it out same color
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.32.25 PM
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.33.33 PM
then add 2 retangular barriers for the feet
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.34.16 PM
add a small circle for a small little neck
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.35.04 PM
then add a medium rare barrier for a head
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.35.36 PM
then add a oval⬬ and a triangle symbol▲ for the face(triangle color is: 255, 156, 66)
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.36.03 PM
add a white rectangular barrier
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.36.15 PM
then add 2 small white circular barriers to round it out
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.36.37 PM
then add a slightly tilted rectangular barrier (color here is: 41, 165, 174)
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.37.01 PM
if you want add a barrier for a shadow
Screenshot 2024-03-29 5.37.26 PM




Basic popup talking

wire an invisible button to a popup with text for dialog(I like to use banner for people speaking)

Basic text talking

wire an invisible button to text above the npc to make these speak then use a wire repeater with a delay to deactivate the text

what should I make next?


I’ll make a few art things if you want.

Yeah i can help if you need it @Foxy. [1]

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NPC: hrr hrrm emeralds trading AHHH PILLAGER RUN


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