Button won't show up in creative

I’ve had a button that I haven’t touched since months ago, but all of a sudden, it won’t show up when I’m near it. Is this a common bug or…?

I think this is an April Fool’s thing. It should be reverted tomorrow.

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This happened to me once with a vending machine and I could see its shadow. Maybe try exiting the window or reloading

I already have multiple times

hopefully its just april fools

Yeah. I’ve been having similar issues.

it really sucks though because I can’t play my map without it

I know right? And in platforming, the jump height is absurd… :expressionless:

I’m having similar issues. I also can’t play my games now :frowning:

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yep its an April fools
Screenshot 2024-04-01 7.49.59 AM

or the April fools words is an April fools but I don’t think Gimkit would do that

Thought so. Basically, Gimkit is unusable for today. Creative and everything

I decided to play dld and its craaaazy

So—NOBODY can do ANYTHING today?
Just because it’s the first of April?
:rofl: That’s funny and bad at the same time.

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you can use a game overlay! and set it to button, those can be used in place of buttons, and if you need a vending machine then you can use checkers (check if the player have the necessary items for the purchase) then item granter, (take away the required items, and grant the items supposed to be purchase, if you want it to look like a vending machine, you can use the “fairly new” device ITEM IMAGE! and text on a sign.

Gimkit is going thru a lot today and its not just April fools, bugs with interactive devices and teleports and earlier the spawn pads. I did however get a new gimkit OWO world record due to this bug.

Hopefully the gimkit team can fix this soon, but for now be will have to live without buttons and vending machines, and teleporters for a while…


Really just a day, hopefully. What an annoying “April Fools”

although its a good alternative, I don’t think anyone would compromise like that just for 1 day.

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Good point, but if it is just one day and they don’t want to compromise then why are they asking for help…

guys @TerrariaBoi @UglySonic47 @HP7divergent46THG12 @chrysostom
lets get back on topic

it is on topic, but ok