Fortnite Help Wiki [Finished..]

Do not edit this, only me, @Txme_Lxss can edit this as this is my help wiki, I made this to help reduce me making so many topics on my Fortnite map.

Current objective:

I would love to now announce.

My game will be FINALLY finished today.

Over 2 months of hard work poured into my passion project, blood sweat and tears.

I’m gonna have to give the solution to Foxy, as she helped me with the chest code, and that’s really important.

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute, I would solution multiple if I could, lol.

Now, I finally finished. Resting, finally knowing, that I can no longer procrastinate this :smile:

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send me the code to your map and I can see if I can help you I know it’s only my second day on here but I might still be able to help you

But basically if you want there to more chance of one thing than another, make the equality an inequality

like if you want heals to have a 2/5 chance, you make it if the variable is less than or equal to 2

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this is why math is awesome!!! ok, will do. I’ll report back when it works

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make sure it’s the inequality with a line under it

just making sure you know
just in case

less than or equal to! Got it.

(Im in accelerated math, so I definitely should know this… hopefully.)

Now it’s time to develop my map! I do the chests first and ammo boxes, then make my map, then all the bosses and medallions.

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If anyone is online right now, can check my math?

common 60%
uncommon 30%
rare 9%
epic 1%
Screenshot 2024-03-27 7.22.47 PM
edit: I think its 61 and 91 instead.

give me a sec and yeah you messed up

ye, I realized, oh its 61 and 91, not 60 and 90.

Ok, then I just copy this for EVERY rarity, then add weapons, heals, etc… (this is gonna take atleast like 5-10% memory…



I’l l will do that.

Problem, variables don’t carry over. And uhh… I need to randomize my weapons…

I’ll just do the rarity if common, then it goes to the trigger with commons… ok. Thanks.

(God this is gonna be so much more difficult to code than I thought…)

you can carry them over
save it as a property

sure then. I’ll do that. But I’ll run out of space in the block code.

I’ll just do variables. They’ll work out…

(Foreshadowing if I have to switch ALL OF MY CODE TO PRoPERTIES>…)

This good?
Rarities are…
70% common
20% uncommon
9% rare
1% epic
Screenshot 2024-03-27 7.48.00 PM

casually realizing that I have to do this 7 more times and will take like actually 15% memory probably in total

:cry: :sob:

It’s gonna be a long journey… I estimate atleast 500 pieces of block code for all of this…

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I think that you can change that last Else If into an else.

Nah, they do the same thing pretty sure.

So I’ll be fine. (hopefully)

It would allow you to save 3 blocks per trigger.