Food regeneration with timer help plz

I’m trying to make a countdown for a part of my game where you ‘eat’ some food (with a button) and it fills up all of your health, but the food regenerates every minute and it shows the timer (also the food is only available for each single player) Can anyone help me?

Have you tried using a counter? You’ll have to use a game overlay for the timer, and a counter that repeats every second to make up the 60 seconds.

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Okay, make a timer that shows on your screen. Make the button wired to a Health Granter, that grants you all your health. Now, when that timer is up, make it grant you another piece of your 'food"

Wiring will be something like this:

Button Pressed -> Run Check
Check Passed -> Grant Health

Now, make the timer. After that:

Target Value Reached -> Grant Item

You could have a time counter with a lifecycle repeater and counter then set the counter’s target to 60 then a overlay that activates when the counter reaches 60 then configure the overlay to button then wire the overlay to a health granter.

I was thinking i would use a health granter instead of to grant an item, so do you know how to do that instead

the ‘food’ is a prop btw

What do you mean?

Target Value Reached -> Grant Health


yes mam that’s it, thanks for the solution!

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Yes but it needs to count down, but thanks for the information!

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