Five-in-a-row! Backwards Bear Style [Art Only] ⬜ [Part 1 of X]

Pictures of what specifically? What are you having trouble understanding?

Just pictures of what to put. I am just making the art part but I am already stressed out by the pictures and efforts I would have to put in to make this.

What pictures of what to put? I am confused.

Just pictures of the block code. I am going to work on that but would like some help on that. Such as the properties part. If you want I can rename VALUEX’s value corner to regular corner.
Clic Clac could you please help me with the block code please? Or just anyone.

Ok, I will do the pictures tonight, because I haven’t pre-made the block code. Also, what is VALUEX’s value corner?

It is valuex’s tips and tricks on block code. He made the coding quest thing very packed and full of blocks.

Ok. I will make sure to post those screenshots tonight!

Nice guide!

Hi there! Could you please help me with the name checker v2? I really need help one that. Thanks!

Can you give me a link to it?

Sure. Name Chcker V2 Help

Members and above have 30 day.

Yeah I will try to make it today. Nice guide though.

In the beginning of the game though, there are five random colors that spawn because where are the balls supposed to come from? Afterwards we need to activate the nextBall_colorIs and the property that checks for occupied spaces true/false.

So sorry I did it but forgot to post the screenshots! These are some examples:
Fill the board with one colour

Make the properties like so
Do more colours!

Okay. I went and played this game. Do you want some experimental (haven’t tested it) code that could randomize where the dots are placed?

Sure that would be great! Thanks everyone for helping out!

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Okay. So, two properties, Space Number, and Occupied. When the player moves a blob, have the game run a one in (However unlikely you want it to be) chance. If it succeeds, then check if Space Number square has a blob on it. If false add one to Space Number, broadcast on channel Add(get property Space Number). If the RNG fails, add one to Space Number and rerun the block. Do this for each color, and let me know if this doesn’t work! I have literally never tested this exact version!

Thanks for your help. When you’ve tested it could you please provide some screenshots like @Here_to_help? It would really help a lot. Also for occupied I want to use a true false variable called IsSpace_occupied and I also want to generate the next color blobs that appear on screen using nextColorIs which activates a property that actually makes the ball appear onscreen which updates a property that shows how many of each type of color there are and a system to make the value red if the number of the color is above 5.

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