Five-in-a-row! Backwards Bear Style [Art Only] ⬜ [Part 1 of X]

Before we begin

Here is some vocab that you may want to know:

  • @VALUEX’s Value Corner

    • Valuable tips on blocks, a deeper insight on them, and why they are used.
  • Wise’s Wise Tips

    • Wise the owl provides tips on how to improve your game
  • :warning:

    • Caution! Go back and check your work for bugs!
  • Block indicators

    • :purple_square:/x/x = Heavy in Blocks
    • x/:purple_square:/x = Heavy in Properties
    • x/x/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive
    • :purple_square:/:purple_square:/x = Block + Property Heavy
    • x/:purple_square:/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Property Heavy
    • :purple_square:/x/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Block Heavy
    • :purple_square:/:purple_square:/:purple_square: = Memory Intensive and Block + Property Heavy
    • x/x/x = EASY

Warning: This guide is under copyright by Bear. Therefore copying it without permission or infringement is strictly prohibited and may be prosecuted.

Just Kidding! Please don’t copy this without asking though. I spent a lot of effort on it and I would appreciate at least some credit.

So what is “Five-in-a-row?” It is a game that was popular in the 1990s. The reason why I am making it is because we have it on a very old computer at home.
This is what I call five in a row:

Color Linez (1998) - MobyGames

You may be like @raeB, It’s called “Color Linez” why are you calling it “Five-in-a-row?” Because I can, it sounds cool, and also because that is what I think the Chinese translation is. Also we have a different version that includes powerups on an old computer at home. [I can understand a decent bit of Chinese] I decided that I would partake in making it and even challenged @WolfTechnology to make it as well, before realizing the daunting task of creating a coordinate system from a9 - i9, a isBall_on_Square true/false, a nextBallColor for choosing the next three colors, powerups (bomb), and much much more. Alas this guide is not yet into the good stuff yet.

This Guide will take up 8% memory [estimation]

Load the game or if you haven’t create one!
Click E or click the “+” button to add stuff to your game!

Let’s make an advertisement so that gims far and wide will hear about our cool game!

Now to actually make the guide.

You will need

  • barrier(s)
  • text device

Click E. Select “terrain” from the interface. Select light marble and place it down in a 9 by 9 square.

Place down a barrier, make it gray, and set the alpha to 0.5.


Now place down 7 text devices and for each one put an emoji accordingly :red_circle::yellow_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle::purple_circle::white_circle: and light blue, but light blue is not an emoji currently. Let’s create our own light blue ball for the game! Place down a barrier and set it to light blue make sure to make it a circle. Who’s ever heard of a ball game where you use a rectangle? I used RGB 172, 236, 235 and set it to the default alpha 0.8.

  • Wise’s Wise Tips:
    You already need to use a barrier to make the light blue ball, but why not use the barrier for
    each ball? The barriers will make the ball look more pixelated and thus look more like the actual
    game. Also, you can change the color of the ball as well to make it more like the game and to
    your tastes.

Place the texts over the barrier to make the appearance of the balls or blobs or whatever you want to call it. This is what I have currently. If you have a better version or think yours is better be sure to share it! I will include it in the guide if I like it.


  • Wise’s Wise Tips:
    Use layers to make the text appear above the barriers. Click on the layers button or click L
    . You can also mix and match the colors to make them better!

Works Cited/Bibliography:

If you like this guide a :heart: would be much appreciated! I spent a lot of hard work on this guide and would love if it could get a few likes! Also be sure to tell me how to improve my art. I want it to look similar to the game itself. If any artsy people want to give suggestions, by all means please share them.

Hey @WolfTechnology if you see this could you please try and make some art for this? It would be much appreciated and I will give you credit.

@here I drew a profile picture for myself. I hope you all like it


I’m guessing this is a wip ?


I did not mean to post this. It was not done yet.

@raeB, please finish this. I think you only get a week to finish the guide, so work fast!

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It was a mistake please don’t pressure me! Also if I don’t finish can someone create a wiki for me? Plus I thought that you had a 30 day limit for editing a post.

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That might be for regulars, I’m not sure. I’m not trying to pressure you, wip was a very controversial tag back in the day. If you don’t finish, I’ll make a wiki for you.

Thanks! Aren’t you my mentor?


Is this the mechanics or just the board?

This is just for the board. You do not know how hard this is for me to make. I will try to make it though. If @here wants to help that would be much appreciated

Ok. I’m not that good at art, but I’ll try to help if I can!

I’ll need all the help I can get.

My value corner?

Yeah! You told me to make everything more descriptive for everyone. This is the credit you deserve. Well it could also be called the value corner in case people feel like they also want to be credited.

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For the dots, you could use the :red_circle: emojis. But in different colours, you just have to have one of every colour to every square. If you have already done this, so be it. I could be more descriptive if you want, just ask!

Sure as I said before help would be much appreciated. Please feel free to help. You are @Here_to_help after all.

Ok, just played the game myself. So here is what I mean:
Put all of the text devices on each of the squares. We will need a grid to know every space. We can label them XY. Basically, the bottom left is 11, to the right 12, above that 22, so on. Create 81 properties. I know this is a lot, but make one for each square. I think this will be the simplest way. They will be text. Now, let me think of a way to set each of the properties. They will either be set to “red”, “green”, so on, or “empty”, which you can guess. The difficulties are currently:
Selecting the next squares
Letting the player move the coloured dots all over the board
Detecting 5 in a rows

Not just that 9-in-a-rows 8-in-a-rows and 7-in-a-rows. A coordinate system. A nextBall_color_is and five random colors that spawn in random spots on the grid.

Yeah! But not random, first we have to check if the spot is preoccupied, which is part of why we have the properties. Now I have to go write something important, so I might be offline for a while.

Ok good luck. PS are you working on your book?

I’m back. No, that was not my book, it was something for school. It was a lot easier than I expected. Anyhow, do I need to explain anything better?