Fishtopia Help [i mark the solution]

So I’m trying to make a kinda fishtopia game and I have no idea what I’m doing at all
This is what I have rn:

Screenshot 2023-11-13 104604

I have looked at multiple topics trying to figure out what I’m doing and nothing seems to work. Please help me :frowning:

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this might help!

this will give everything you need to know about fishtopia so that you can make it!

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If you’re asking for help on how to sell, what I do is this:
a) have an inventory value variable that gets incremented whenever things like grapes or oranges are added
b) have an item remover that removes all grapes/oranges/corn from the inventory
c) have a block that adds the inventory value property to the main currency property or gives you that much currency

if you’re not asking that, then I have no idea what you’re looking for lmao

that’s a curse. idk if thats allowed @Shdwy

Yeah, as @Aubec7 said,that is not allowed on the Forums. Please try to refrain from this action @Shdwy.

@vqnillaxx , what do you want help with in the fishtopia type game?

Do you need systems and map, or just systems.

idk how to make it so that it checks if you actually have the crop you’re trying to sell

This will tell you how.

That’s never been an issue before, first of all.
Second of all, you literally sent two different messages that said the same thing.

Third, it’s an acronym, so you actually have no idea what I just said. It could have meant Laughing My America Off, or Laughing My pAnda Off.
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well, I saw that there were different stands for each crop, so just place an invisible button on each one, make all the buttons go to there own vending machine, the vending machine will cost whatever the crop is, if vending machine item bought give __ amount of cash

With the inventory value solution, it doesn’t really need to check. It just adds the inventory value, and if the inventory value is 0, then it’s not an issue.

@vqnillaxx be sure to mark a solution if you found an answer to your question

First of all, it could be a problem.
Second, it’s agreeing with others
Third, I use the internet man. I know what that means. If i hadn’t known what it was, i wouldn’t had bothered to answer.
Now,lets get back on topic!

Do you need help with devices or with design?

I asked that but was ignored.

this is what they needed help with

pretty sure it was already answered a couple times but idk whats going on anymore

at least until they get back we just gotta wait


Also @WolfTechnology, could you go on wix? I want to discuss GK8 with you.

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I did, look above.

I’m sorry,but it kinda is as i had said. I don’t want to discuss this topic any further. Thanks for understanding @Shdwy.
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