Fishtopia Help [i mark the solution]

Sorry, what?

About the forbidden acronym

i am sorry


Whatever you guys are talking about, seems off-topic, so can you please stop.

who, @WolfTechnology and wdym?

Still got no idea what’s going on, I think cod zombies is still talking about lmao or something

It’s ok, and btw you can use the symbols <> to hide text to make the 20 character limit.

This, I don’t understand it and it is not related to the topic.

Yes,i am talking about that. You said it again,but i wont count that against you

It is related to forum rules though (which is important). Have you ever seen anyone get in trouble for saying lmao?

Oh. Well,i was just saying sorry. But thanks for guiding us on topic i guess. @WolfTechnology :+1:

yes only once i have

Was it from a random person or was it from the Gimkit team?

Wdym by that? If you are talking about who said it, a random person

No I mean who was the person who told them it was bad (excuse my terrible english :pray: )

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It is ok. I think it was both,as far as i can remember

Both a mod and a random