Final boss?(COD ZOMBIES MAP)

maybe if ur looking for like idk a more complicated attack like an indicated area attack like slam i could help just it might be complicated :sweat_smile:

What if they knock out the one important sentry first?


But yeah i think the “important sentry” will be much simpler

The slam attack could work by activating a zone that knockbacks you far from the zone and shortly respawns you or deals damage using a laser/landmine

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What you should do is connect every sentry to a counter, so when the sentry is knocked out, the counter increments. When the counter reaches the target, end game.

question is how would it knock you back and i was thinking like growing no collision barriers that then use a zone to take away health so it isnt one shot

What about lightning breath, flying slam, tail whip, moon shot, and then something zombie related for another attack? Hey, @NavyCatZ, if you were a zombie dragon boss, what attacks would you have?

but first hold on lemme show you real quick what i mean lemme just figure out how to take a screen recording

It teleports you away from the zone and optionally into a landmine to give an illusion of the knockback.

Zone → teleporter probably.


ah crap i cant end the screen recording maybe i will just explain the long process of it

It could activate sentries that decay an area around it for an amount of time

(yes the picture quality is very bad, this is from an old guide of mine)

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Guys relax i have it all mapped out

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Hmmmmm……. Maybe biting charge and claw slash?


Those sound really interesting! Biting charge could be approximated with a line of lasers.

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Yeah, maybe that could, but idk

Attack: Laser Array No. 1. The boss fires off a series of lasers in a specific order.
Attack: Laser Array No. 2. The boss fires off another set of lasers in a specific order.
Attack: Icy Infusion. The boss activates a zone to slow the player down and immediately performs a follow up attack.
Attack: Minion Summoning. The boss summons a bunch of low health low dmg sentries. After 10 seconds, they all despawn.
Attack: Shield Generator: The boss puts up a barrier shield and spawns in two quantum portal sentries. The shield will stay up until the two sentries are killed
Attack: Resounding Explosion-Marks out some instakill zones in red, and then 5 seconds after, they will explode and respawn anyone in the zone.
Attack: Protective Force: The boss will activate an instakill zone around it in as it transforms from phase to phase.
Attack: Phase 2. After killing the first sentry boss, another one will spawn in its place with a snowball launcher machine gun, but with lower health.
Attack: Ending Phase. After defeating the second phase, a prop will spawn and lasers will repeatedly fire. These lasers will fire until you destroy the prop, and succesfully destroy the boss.
I am making a guide on these attacks soon.


Ok thanks i need help on this

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