Final boss?(COD ZOMBIES MAP)

i was thinking of putting a boss, but idk any ideas for it. help.

Zombie Navy maybe two sentries on top of each other, one with a slingshot and another with a quantum portal?


Add props with collison off on top of them!

For the boss

Maybe a sentry with props designed to look like hands shooting lasers from its hands

Adding on from @WhereIsMyHat’s reply, you could make the sentry activate random landmines using blockcode

Maybe even place up barriers and lasers to make the arena smaller at a certain point in the battle.

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Wait what did you use for the solution?

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I used the Zombie Navy idea. Thanks


That’s going to be a silly final boss.

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i could help you with the boss on the wix if you want i made a pretty neat boss couple days earlier with 6 randomized attacks

Wait i jus thought of a goofy/cool idea: Have a sentry with every gadget, but the rarity is Epic, but the Rate Of Fire isn’t good, neither the accuracy.

You can’t make a sentry with multiple gadgets though.
Maybe multiple sentries could work.

I know, i meant muiltple sentries stacked ot top of each othewr

That’s player only, sentries can’t use it. It would be almost perfect though!

Who, you mean WhereIsMyHat?

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I was looking for a different guide and linked the wrong one.

You could activate and deactivate them though for a similar effect

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Yeah, that’s true.

Listen guys, i’m just going to stack the sentries, then connect one to an end game device