[🟨] How to make a red goo that respawns you when you step in it

Items needed:
Sentry (optional) x1
Dirt (make it red or any color you want) x1
Zone (shrink it to smallest) x1
Trigger x1
Respawn x1
So you want to make sure your devices are ready.
Make your trigger delay 3-5 secs (if adding sentry, if not don’t use trigger)
Shrink your zone to the smallest and make it not active on game start
Make your “red goo” A.K.A dirt not visible on game start if using sentry (if not using sentry ignore step 1 and 2)
Step 1: Now if using the sentry, when sentry knocked out, trigger. Step 2: Now connect the sentry to trigger to show the dirt and activate the zone

Your wires should look like this. Step 3: Now wire the zone to the respawn and Ta-Da! You have your goo that will force players to respawn when they step on it
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Idea: place the sentry on top of the goo.

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Also, you don’t need the trigger: to save memory you could use a wire repeater or just connect directly from sentry to prop/zone.

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Oh thanks. I just wanted to use the trigger to make it so that it doesn’t instantly activate so the player can get the sentry’s loot before dying

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I see. Yeah that makes sense, but it saves 35 memory to use a wire repeater.

Yeah I could do that if I wired an item granter instead of dropping an item
Nah, I think dropping it is cooler tbh

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(you could also have a zone wired to a respawn)


so good 10/10 will use

(Steps in red goo)


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