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So, if you don’t know, I took up the grueling challenge of Duck Duck Goose in Gimkit. I have the base idea of the game and it is in beta testing. Are there any ideas that you (the community) have? Any ideas accepted will be credited in the final game!

do u happen to know what I can search up in discovery to find the beta? that way I can give better advice and ideas

Mini games?

Also the game sounds super cool, ping me if you need a thumbnail

The beta isn’t public. It’s my friends that do the testing.


Not exactly. Mini games are one branch of extensions. Keep on brainstorming if things that could be on the side.

maybe add secrets or lore like in some Gimkit games

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Very simple, but, a notification? Like “Run!” Or “Tag Them!”

Maybe an in game chat?

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You could add a timeout zone. I’ll leave the details to you though.

Random things that connect to smth on the forums, lore, if you’ve made other games add things that give homage to them, decorate the places gims “sit”, an intro, sprint overlay, rewards, ways to buy powerups (you tag someone, you get +1 gimbucks or smth), make diff levels, make hidden cheats, adding more later

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a break room? just so people could afk or something

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Any other ideas? Like characters, lore, etc.?

Characters: based on forum ppl or your friends
lore: you’re trapped in a game where you play duck duck goose over and over again, you can’t escape

Lore: You are a poor person living on the streets when a “charitable” person gives you an envelope with a letter inside saying that you could won a lot of gimbucks. When night falls you open the envelope and take out the letter which only has a location, date, and time written on it. A week later it is time to go so you head over to the location which was only a short walk. There is a madman as well as (x) amount of people there when you arrive. The madman gives everyone a piece of chocolate. You eat it, greedily, right away wasting no time. He shows you to a building and everyone enter the single room. The madman leaves and after about an hour later, the doors are locked and an alarm starts blaring. Everyone starts shrinking and getting feathers until everyone is a duck. Well almost everyone. One person is unlike the others, a goose. Your impulses say that you should run even though you have no idea what to do right now. Still trapped in the room, you get a rush of adrenaline and the chase STARTS…

maybe when the duck duck goose chase starts, you and the person you tagged get teleported to a race area (once platformer releases, you could do parkour) and decide who gets chosen that way. Also i have some ideas for the system if u need any

I already have everything you said.

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awesome! great minds think alike i guess. Also (if u want) you could make it so each round the chase/challenge thing would shift, so like blastball, different types of race maps, etc. (if u need a randomizer u can use this How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version))

Maybe you could make randome speed boosts and/or random decreased speed for a couple seconds. (Idk if that is porrible tho)

Good idea, but i have different ideas related to that.

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I know how to do a randomizer but thanks anyway!

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