How to make a Minigame

Hi! This is my first guide! I’m making this game with a bunch of mini games, and I wanted to share it!

The Text
When you are making the mini game, you usually have a text that shows what you are going to play, right? Depending on how many mini games you have(I’m going to do 7 here), you need a specific amount of text devices. For the 7, I just need one text.

Basically, make your text have all six blocks, each receiving on a channel. The default text should be Minigame 1:, and then the blocks should be like this:

Inside each block, it should be somewhat like this, but you have to change the text and the value for the property.

Then there is the text that names the Minigame. You do this:

For each channel, like Minigame 2, or whatever you are using.

For the Property,

Set it like this. Just change the default value to whatever your first mini game is.

Since you spawn in the mini game room, you need to teleport into the first mini game room. You probably want two teams for your game, if you are doing something like Capture the Flag.

So you do this:

Or you could use Concatenation, which would be easier.

For a trigger that receives on StartMinigame. Also make a player counter and a button that updates a counter that updates a property, and have a trigger that checks if they are equal then transmits on whatever channel you want. My channel is CTF, since that’s my first mini game. Then I have two teleporters, one that teleports people there on Team1CTF, and one that teleports people there on Team2CTF, with relays that relay on those channels for a specific team, like this:

Switching from one Minigame to another
Since Minigames are a series of small games, you probably want to be able to switch with ease. Just do a channel that receives on a channel that means the game has ended, and switch every player’s speed to 1.00(So that they don’t have any extra speed from before mini games), and make sure they don’t have any damage multipliers. And teleport them to the first spawn room, too.

Thank you for reading my first guide! I hope I’ll make more guides, too!


I suggest adding different kinds of mini games as this only shows the idea of choosing one

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Nice guide, @BananaBunny! @Foxy I think Banana meant that you can choose your own different choices of mini games.

this one of the better guides I’ve seen in a while

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Great ubique and original guide! Thanks for adding quality knowledge to the community! In the future try to use concatenation to reduce the block code


@BananaBunny Awesome first guide!

Thank you @harharharhar83!

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