Exp gain and energy loss and bar

how do I make someone gain xp when they knock out bots? also how do i make a bar of energy where when you do something like walk or fire at things you loose energy?

are you refering to xp you can use to get gimbucks?

and for energy:

use the movement meter. for the when gadget fired you can do lifecycle (when gadget fired) → grant item. the item that the item granter would grant is -x energy. x = your choice.

only problem is that everytime someone fires a gadget, everyone loses energy.

no, a lifecycle tracks who is doing the action. if I fired the gadget only I would lose energy. I tested this before in a system I was making.

Wait really?
I thought it was for the triggering player only!
(Unless if you are using a relay by mistake)

it is for the triggering player only…

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