Evil Eye Game Ideas

Okay I Want To Make A Game With Evil Eyes As The Main Weapon (They are Sick)
Any Ideas???
Note: I Don’t Have Platforming Creative.

One way out but in 3d.

2.5d technically but yeah that’d be really cool!
Evil eye tycoon? …

Using 3d rendering. Is that still 2.5d then?

2.5-Dimensional stuff is a 2D plane used to make things look 3D.

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How Am I Supposed To Make Evil Eye Tycoon Because They Are Gadgets So They Take Spots In The Inventory. (The Max Is Five.)

wdym? you make cash droppers. you give player cash. the player gets better gadgets. they can battle or something. also pls don’t use a Capital letter for the start of every word bc i have a headache that’s killing me and it makes my eyes hurt :sob:

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You could store them as a property.

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Screenshot 2024-05-28 6.26.42 PM

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I’m confused.

i was experimenting with props

Oh, okay!

looking pretty good lol

I can do better with the item images

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here we go
Screenshot 2024-05-28 6.36.11 PM