Elements To A Hunger Games Map (Art, items, etc.)

Just looking for simplistic ideas to help create a hunger-games-based map! Anything helps! All knowledge is best! I want to explore and research my options first before choosing solutions.

This guide might help


Thank you so much for the guide! It was very helpful! I m looking more for the design and building concept of it!

Thank you so much! Very helpful!

Make a randomized crate drop. (donations from sponserers)

Thanks for the idea. What should I put in the crate drops though and should it be in specific zones, like out in the open so they have to fight to get it?

I would put them out in the open so players have to fight for them

Ok. Should it be in certain biomes?

Maybe make a swarm of bugs that can eat you or you can eat them to get hunger. (The hunger games are evil)

Make them spead out throughout the map, in every biome

That might be a little sensitive to younger audiences so nothing that can get you.

Maybe just leave that part out then

Ok. Any other ideas for items in crates?

Food, water, weapons, and a medkit

Thank you so much for your help by the way. Any type of info is very beneficial to this map.

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Also, make it so different areas have different things happen in them, and only in that area. Example: A thunderstorm happens ONLY in the jungle

Tree with beehive:

(You can remove the beehive)

Crate falling:
Screenshot 2024-02-18 9.16.25 AM