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A barrier
A button
A checker (i forgor what it’s called)

First, Set down the barriers. Next, set down a button and checker. Click on the checker, and select what it needs to check for, and how much.

Wire the button to the checker. Click ‘When button pressed’ and ‘Run Check’.

Wire the Checker to the barrier and click ‘Check passes’ And ‘Deactivate Barrier’.

Now You have a locked door to make A vault with, Or just to have some fun with!

First and foremost, thanks for even making a guide! Glad you want to improve the community and making a personal-titled one.
This is a duplicate a guide, unfortunately.

Please, if you will, move this to Devices and mark a solution.
Thank you for your cooperation! :v:

I know there are some guides about this. I just wanted to do one to help the community and put my own spin to it.

I appreciate that, but…

  • This is the exact same thing as the guides before.
  • This is so easy it probably doesn’t need another guide.
  • If you want to make a guide, try doing something more original.

:white_check_mark: Please mark a solution so that this can close.

There’s only 2 other guides like this, but yeah. I do have to agree with you California_Love. (not counting the second one cause it’s a password guide)

Other than the duplication, this is a pretty nice guide!

Kay, I get you. I’ll mark A solution.

Actually, there are… like six, excluding this one?

How To Make A Item Required Door (:green_square:)
How to make a barrier that requires an item to deactivate! (Difficulty 1/10 or :blue_square: )
How to make a item (Keycard) required teleporter/door (:white_large_square: 0/10)
How to Make A Door That Only Opens If You Have A Certain Item
How to make a locked door! (I do not know how to rank stuff)
How to make a locked door (Difficulty: :green_square:)


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