How to make a locked door! (I do not know how to rank stuff)

WOW, a post about a password-locked door :exploding_head:

So, start with a property named “Passcode”, have the property be a number property, and then set the number to whatever you want to be the code.

Create X amounts of properties and name it “Input” This will be the well, Input for the door. Again, set it to the number property, and the number to 0
X= the amount of digits in your code

Add the blocks shown in the image in the order the picture shows into a trigger. The channels are interchangeable, just letting you know.

Now we get to use wires, YAY!!!, Now it is time to be serious. Create Three buttons and link each of them up as shown in the image to a counter, also, link each counter you have to a property using the modify property setting in the counter, this will be the input Multiply this step by the amount of digits you have

use the properties you created earlier (not the Passcode one though) and copy the picture above for each of them into a corresponding trigger (not the text, that is to help you :wink: )

Create a new button that says “check” and link to the trigger we made in the very beginning. Create a barrier that is player-based and have it deactivate when receiving on the correct channel you made earlier inside the first trigger.
Now when you go and put in the correct code… and press check… the door should open!

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this is a nice guide but, it has been made before many times


Nice Guide! Also:

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great guide! can be good for horror or adventure games!

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