Does tilted towers look good?

yea It looks good to me
probably needs more buildings

Thanks :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: i’ll get to work

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How do u know that he’s new?

His profile says it.anyway we’re getting a bit off-topic.

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ohhhhhh ok I didn’t know that you could look at profiles and see he’s new

yes im new to this but yea

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This is sorta off-topic? I think.

Yes a bit but not really.



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you need to reach the character limit and type over 20 characters when typing in <>, it doesn’t bypass it, it just makes letters in <> invisible.
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Looks cool! As a suggestion, you should put the tower in a layer above the terrain that’s the ‘floor.’

In this screenshot, do you see how the edge of the sand looks different next to the grass than the marble? That’s because the marble is on the same terrain layer as the sand. Adjusting the layer of the sand would make it look more consistent.

If you need to know how to place terrain on different layers, check this guide. Hope this helps!

looking great!!!

Beautiful (20 chars)

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no spaces in it

It doesn’t work i don’t know why