Does anybody have ideas? (NO BOSSES, AND NO ELDRITCH HORRORS)

I am making a SCI-FI game in GIMKIT however I need enemy designs for an alien group called the harbingers.

enemies that need designs:

Cannon fodder species (expendable)

Smart alien (Unnatural looking?)

Leaders (in charge of the Harbingers. Pulls all of the strings within the harbingers.)

Please note that this is not a sentry sentry showcase. Also please do not turn this into a chat and if you think I or someone else is getting off topic please let them know and they will stop and/or give an explanation. (providing lore for your enemy is allowed for it may give ideas to what to add to the enemy design)

maybe these can help for ideas,


this is a guy I made
Screenshot 2023-12-30 8.48.57 PM


What is it? (what does it do?)

feel free to use him for whatever I literally just invented the guy he doesnโ€™t have a name

How about his name is. . .



Random thing I made

It looks like the sentry is standing and sitting at the same time.

Why does the sentry look like itโ€™s crying because of the cracks of the GroundBreaking plants on itโ€™s (second) eyes?

I used:


  • A Sentry x1
  • Ceramic Plate/s (x2)
  • GroundBreaking Plants x6, (the first, second and third one in variation order)
  • Barrel (Empty) x1,
  • Basketball x1, (basketball not including the lower body)
  • Ceramic Plates x2,
  • Armor Display (Not Empty) x1,
  • Alien Plant x2 (third result in variation order)

Lower Body/Explosion

  • Metal Can x2 (third result in variation order)
  • Metal Can x2 (fourth result in variation order)
  • Basketball x1
  • Anvil x1

Can I help?
PS: Right now it is 10 PM at night

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Of course. :grinning:

Sure I could use this as a weird none Harbinger alien. maybe.

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Here is an idea that I made cus I was bored.

you could make the lasers blink in different places for a boss battle, and you defeat it by destroying the groundbreaking plants around it.


What is itโ€™s role?

Hasnโ€™t this topic already been made?

The previous topic was more focused on a singular enemy. This topic is focusing on more than one alien


role would be Smart alien.

I made a nerdy robot thing?
i call him bartholomew


well actually, it wouldnโ€™t be a nerd robot, it would be considered a nerd sentry. :nerd_face::point_up:

(cool non-theless)

I mean your not wrong

Whats your escuse for being up?

Guys, this is turning into a chat like the last one, I suggest we all stop.