Do You Want Technical Gimkit?

The forums (forum? forai? idk) have been stagnant lately. Most posts are help posts or art guides. There’s not exactly much innovation going around right now.
So I ask you this: is anyone really interested in technical Gimkit?

Because if you are, we could grow a community, make game-breaking discoveries, get names in Gimkit forever. For those who are, what specifically are you interested in? Quantum mechanics? Block coding? If you need help with anything, let me, or any other helpers know. You could ask in this topic or in a help post, or whatever else you wanna do. I’m excited to help people learn about this, because it means that you guys will grow and help make developments in this currently bare field.

But if nobody is… well, I think it’s gonna be my time to leave soon. Not much left for me here.

We have a fertile valley, filled with everything some could dream of. Are you a farmer, going to colonize the valley and save your city for generations? Or are you just here with a passing interest, looking down on it but not really… caring? I’m genuinely just interested to hear.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a bountiful harvest.

– shdwy


Before people start commenting this is off-topic, it’s not. I’m asking what people want to learn about. Save the comments for all the other posts you can find please.


yes, that was a terrible metaphor.


i really don’t understand this that much to be honest can you please put that into more sense *or short words.


I kinda agree. The Help :blue_square: section has been blowing up.


@Shdwy sees things in much deeper, complicated format. So i understand why this may sound confusing, it is just worded advancedly.


Huh? That sentence doesn’t really make sense. What specifically are you struggling with?

i love how “Flagged Post [Don’t Respond]” gets more views than this


I would like to learn about Quantum Mechanics in Gimkit and More Technical Gimkit stuff. I would like to learn it because it is very complex and I don’t understand it.


can you explicitly say what you want lol I can’t read all these broken sentences my brain already doesn’t work

let not talk about that because that man a ban speedrunner and yeah i suprised too but the more we don’t talk about it the better we can avoid it and leave it with the mods

i talking about

actually let me zoom in on it.

Yes, I understand you’re asking for help. Can you tell me what specifically you want help on?

I also can’t understand half the things you’re saying

] this is what i confused on because i not very good at it and how would i be able to get help on it.

Do you understand what quantum mechanics are?

And what about block coding do you want help on? If you’re just looking for resources to learn more, I recommend going to Scratch and trying out some of their stuff. It uses a similar system to Blockly and is actually pretty fun. I can’t just teach you how to code though.


i used to know block coding but it been 2 YEARS since i used scratch and block coding so i try that again.

i really don’t know what it is never heard of it can you just explain what it is?


Have you looked at my post on it?


oh no thanks for showing me.

Hey! This stuff is actually pretty cool. I’m pretty sure there must be someone here who would…

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i wish lol


Hey just because I don’t get it now does not mean I never will.

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An interesting direction that “Technical Gimkit” could go could be a physics engine, which, if done correctly, I’d be very interested in seeing. How could I hop in on this research project?


Oooh, that sounds fun.
I have no idea where to start with that, so a good way to hop on would be thinking about it at all. Of course, they plan to release the platforming engine to Creative soon, so what exactly do you mean by physics engine? 3d?