(Do not reply) supposed to be TUG but don’t have tl3

Only these people can collaborate, @BreathTaking , @epic, @HYBRID_GAMES , @Deku , @Sythic if you’re not one of these people you can’t collaborate. If you’re clicking on this post the day it’s posted most of it is NOT completed.


Suggested Terrain/Props:

Dynamic stone as cobblestone
Dynamic sand as sand
Dynamic dirt as dirt
Dynamic ruby as Redstone
Dynamic silver as iron
Dynamic gold as gold
Dynamic diamond as diamonds
Bookshelf for librarian villager houses
Hay stacks for hay bales
Ice barrier for ice blocks
Potted plant for plant in flower pot
Snowy tree for snowy biomes
Green tree for oak trees
Tree pink for cherry blossom trees
Tree red for acacia trees
Medieval bed for bed
Wood fired oven (shrunk down) for furnace
Anvil for anvil
Wooden fence for fences
Wooden sign for signs

Suggested devices/functions

Player coordinates
Buttons for interactive blocks such as furnace, opening doors, etc
Damager and zones for lava
Checkpoint for bed/respawning
Crafting table/farming plot
Crating recipe
Pickaxe item

How to make a house

nothing yet

How to make zombies/hostile mobs

nothing yet

How to make sprinting

nothing yet

How to make mineable trees

nothing yet

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How to make villager trades

nothing yet

This text will be hidden

Can I help? I have a few ideas.
(If not can I reply with a few of them?)

i know how to make tye sprinting.im colab
can i edit?
put the code here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yuOFv5TMhQGzBGRqow2FRSJKXauTtLsE8gbdxOidXDI/edit#slide=id.p

Um sure you can help, I needed 1 more collaborator anyway

This isnt a wiki btw, im pretty sure we need a TL3 to make one
The Ultimate Minecraft Village Guide - And Everything Related - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Minecraft - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
also you should link these guides in case it as any other info



I need 20 characters

I don’t have access plus I have trust issues with my email. Just test it out on some random test map and if it works put it in the TUG

what is the t.u.g.
i cant edit anyway

The Ultimate Guide im pretty sure

thx but

i cant edit anyway

What do you mean u can’t edit?

the topic/guide we are in i cannot edit

This isnt a wiki, only higher trust levels can make wiki’s
So no one can edit
Only you can edit

Edit: Also this is causing a bunch of clutter, just change this to devices and mark a solution and ask a (im pretty sure TL3) to make a wiki.

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Ohhhh that makes more sense.

could tl3?

Can maybe one of you make the TUG and tag everyone including me just make sure to let them know it’s my guide just you’re making it?

i will:
make the thing,
tag you and people listed above, (and sythic)
and make surethey know its really ur guide

Can you change this to devices and mark a solution now? It is causing clutter.

how do i make the arrow thingy

Ok I’ll change it to devices,