Do longer wires transmit slower? [RESOLVED]

Read the title. Do longer wires transmit slower?

i don’t know, but i have ran a test, and channels transmit faster than wires

You can’t say that, because whichever one is made earlier gets ran first.

no, i just tested again and the wire was made first but the channel went first


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wait, now it is the opposite. maybe it was a glitch.

also, my test on longer vs shorter came up shockingly:
it did not affect auo

Mine didn’t work, so I’m assuming they just follow auo

ok, well ignore everything i said about wire vs channel because i think it was glitch

Who flagged me?

All I had was a deleted post…

If I get one more flag I can’t be regular :skull:

oh no…

how do you know how many times you have been flagged?

4 out of 5

no, HOW

i didnt why u blaming me

Maybe Reckoner was on

cause you have read this and you are regular so you get powerful flags. just a hunch though

still doesnt mean it was me, i didn’t even see what they said

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it was a bunch of quotes i think. never reached the bottom. i will delete where i blamed you