Design request!

I’m currently working on a Hunger Games map and I need design ideas & art for the rooms. (The map is based on the first book)

Room Requests:

  • Tribute Parade

  • The Train

  • The actual Arena itself

  • Training Center

  • The Meadow

  • Katniss’s House

  • The Hob

  • Victor’s Village

  • The Capitol

  • The Coal mines

  • Forest

  • (Still Thinking)

I would prefer pictures of the rooms. Not required!

Thanks to anyone who helps!

I’m on it! Is there a deadline?

Nope! Take your time. No rush whatsoever!

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:tada: Also, welcome to the forums! :tada: (I know it’s a little late :grin: )

i see if i can help any gims wanted/needed?

Do you have any pictures for me to take inspiration from?

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heres something for the arena

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what parts of the request do you think you’ll do

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I can make Katniss’s house


ok i’m thinking the forest for me fist

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do you guys have pictures for me to take inspo on?

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I’m just using google

here is a overview of the arena (its all i could really find sorry)

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Here is Katniss’s house
Screenshot 2024-03-23 7.57.42 PM


Can you make the walls darker?

@AllFather_ofDeath, there is not any specific gim. Just not stache!

And @Kosm0-o, I do not have any pictures! Sorry!

Special thanks to everyone who’s been helping!

Should I switch the floors and walls?

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I would try it tbh! Thanks!

The floor is made using cracked oak and it doesn’t take up a full block so it ends up looking like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-23 8.18.12 PM

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Also based on this image the walls seem lighter than floors

Screenshot 2024-03-23 8.29.32 PM

Up to you what you want to do

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